František Karel I. Wratislav of Mitrowicz and his wife Marie Anna (born as Kinsky) have enlarged and rebuilt the former castle during the years 1737 – 1741 and by completing the works on the chapel devoted to St. Anne the new baroque look of the whole site was accomplished.

St. Anne´s chapel was designed by Jan Hybner who was strongly influenced by works of a baroque architecture master Kilián Ignác Dienzenhofer (1689 - 1751). Interiora are rich in frescoe decorations, the largest one is found on the ceiling and it portrays the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. The frescoes turn into an illusive architecture, displaying handrails, columns and similar objects on the walls. It is said that the central altar picture of St. Anne was made by Petr Brandl, the famous master of its time.

The chapel is presented to the public during the guided tour and visited can be also by guests accommodated in the “wedding” apartment, via a private balcony.

The marvellous premises of the chapel can be used for an unforgettable wedding ceremony or you may organize a private social event there. The chapel is sacrificed and thus a church ceremony may be organized there as well.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to ask about the rental conditions.