There are original castle rooms and apartments with the total capacity of 18 beds on the second floor. Each room has a renovated original castle stove and it is equipped with historical furniture and at the same time it has a modern bathroom box and comfortable beds for a perfect rest and relaxation. The castle is heated all year long.

The romantic (wedding) apartment offers a unique experience from an overnight stay, there is an amazing view on the illuminated ceiling fresco in the Chapel of Saint Anna thanks to a private entrance to the balcony. The apartment offers both a big free-standing bath for two and a luxurious bathroom and a space of sufficient space with a big mirror e.g. for the preparation of the bride, placing of gifts and welcoming guests. >

The price for the reservation of the whole floor (up to 18 beds) is CZK 16,000 incl. VAT.

Breakfast may be ordered individually. The accommodation is provided only when reserving the whole capacity; individual accommodation is not provided. Nevertheless, we are currently working on the accommodation capacity expansion in the adjacent administrative building where the total capacity would be 20 rooms (approximately 44 beds). Then we will offer a standard hotel service and the individual reservations will be possible.