Accommodation in a chateau is an extraordinary experience, which you too can now enjoy. On the second floor, there is a choice of six chateau bedrooms / apartments with a total capacity of 18 beds. The individual bedrooms include restored original chateau stoves, and are equipped with historical furniture, but at the same time they also offer a modernly designed bathroom box, and comfortable beds for perfect rest and relaxation. The chateau is heated all year round.

A unique overnight experience is on offer in the romantic (wedding) apartment from which, thanks to a private entrance on the balcony, there is a stunning view of the illuminated ceiling fresco in the Chapel of St. Anna. The apartment includes a large freestanding bath for two, as well as a modernly equipped bathroom box and adequate space with a large mirror, for example for the preparation of the bride, storing gifts or receiving visitors.

The accommodation is tied to the rental of the complex.

A new addition is the expansion of the accommodation capacity to include an additional 28 beds in the former brewery building, where there are now 12 double rooms and one 4-bed apartment. The total capacity in the complex is 46 beds.

The accommodation is suitable for groups only; we do not provide individual accommodation.