About the project

The Bohemian Crown Jewels used to serve as a sign of a priviledge of the Bohemian kings. They form a set which consists of St. Wenceslas Crown, the Royal Sceptre and Orb and the Coronation Vestment with ermine accessories. Those Jewels were declared as the national cultural heritage in 1962 and they are considered to be the most valuable and famous Czech treasure items. 

St. Wenceslas Crown is the fourth oldest royal crown in the world – the future emperor Charles IV. had it made during the period when he was acting only as a Moravian prince. The subsequent destiny of the Crown Jewels is very interesting, complicated and surrounded by myths so that it is almost a duty to see them once in a lifetime and let them fascinate you with the mastery of the former goldsmiths. The original Jewels may be seen only once in five years and the visitors of the Prague Castle must wait for many hours to see them for a little while. Yet there is a huge interest by the public and during the last exhibitions they were seen by some 30,000 - 45,000 people.an

So, back in 2013, an idea was born to produce master replicas of the jewels that could be transported to different locations allowing larger number of admirers to see the symbols of the Czech statehood and exposition was named „České korunovační klenoty na dosah“ (The Bohemian Crown Jewels within a reach).

The author of the master replicas is a jeweller and artist Jiří Urban from Turnov (CZ) who has already worked on jewels for the Pope John Paul II. or the British Queen Elizabeth II. Also, Mrs. and Mr. Cepek, currently working at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, have participated in the production of the replicas with Mr. Urban. They took care of the production of the Royal Sceptre. Earlier, the Cepeks have already cooperated with Jiří Urban on the world-wide most perfect copy of the Imperial Crown of the Imperial Regalia.

This “on-the-road-exhibition” has visited cities of Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, Pardubice and Jihlava since 2013. For example, almost thirty thousand visitors have seen the exhibition in Brno.



We feel honoured that we can host the exhibition “České korunovační klenoty na dosah” (The Bohemian Crown Jewels within a reach) also at the Chateau Mitrowicz from June 2nd – July 30th 2017. The jewels will be displayed in the representative area of the firstfloor and they will be presented during the official guided tour times.  

The exhibition of the Crown Jewels is intended for the general public as well as for the history experts, but also for school trips, families with children, senior citizens and also for visitors from abroad.